UV Coated Business Cards Special

UV Coated Business Cards Special

UV Coated Business Cards

In today’s world of modern printing technology, UV coating and business cards are like peanut butter and jelly: if the peanut butter is good, the jelly will make it so much better. Even the most dazzling business card design benefits from a UV coating, and that’s just the beginning. The following details several reasons why your business cards should be UV coated.

Design enhancement

A UV coating enhances your design because it reflects light and makes your colors and patterns appear more rich and in-depth. UV coating is made of compounds that, when instantly dried under ultra violet light, form a solid layer that prevents fading. When you hand your prospects a slick, glossy business card that exudes confidence, your prospects know they’re dealing with someone who means business.

Business card protection and longevity

The compounds that comprise a UV coating typically come from minerals or synthetic representations of minerals that harden into a protective layer that prevents paper peeling, tearing, scratching and corner bending. The protective coating also keeps dirt, dust, grease and grime off of your paper. This helps ensure that you will hand prospects a clean, crisp, bright business card that demonstrates how solid and bold your company is.

The protective coating is also slick and smooth, so it is heavy enough to represent strength yet smooth enough to represent modern know-how and cutting-edge concepts. It feels good in your customers’ hands, and will not only look great when you hand it out but also many months and even years down the road when your customers pull it out to reference you.

Brand and personal image

The aforementioned reasons for having a UV coating applied to your business cards lead to a robust brand and personal image that speaks volumes about what type of person you are and what type of company you represent. If you’re serious about making sales, a UV coating on your business cards can play no minor role in helping you demonstrate that you are indeed the person your customers should be dealing with, and that your company can deliver on its promises.

UV coating business cards tips

You should print business cards on thick, heavy paper stock such as 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled matte before you have them UV coated. While a UV coating can be applied to paper as thin as 80 pound text, a thicker paper will add constitution to your business card and help round out an image of stability.

Your design should also take advantage of a UV coating; while plenty of white space is good, your layout doesn’t have to have a white background. Often, a light blue or other color background has an enhanced effect when placed under a UV coating.

Before you decide on a paper stock, see if your printing company offers free samples so you can feel what different paper stocks feel and look like with and without UV coating. This will help you choose the best paper and finishing options for your company’s business cards.

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