Protect your printing with UV Coating

Protect your printing with UV Coating

Protect Your Printing with UV Coating

An easy way to make a bad impression with a potential client is to hand over a faded and flimsy business card. Imagine: You’re networking your way through a conference or even striking up a conversation at your corner store, and you find an opportunity to market your business. You reach into your messenger bag for that stack of business cards, only to find that they’re bent and smudged. You probably should have opted for the UV coating.

Business cards and postcards are great marketing tools, but raggedy cards leave the impression that you’re cheap and don’t care about quality. When it comes to ordering your printed materials, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, but it pays to look like you did. Choose a good paper stock and check the UV-coating option for hefty cards that display your promotional message in the best possible way.

During print production, UV coating is applied to a printed sheet and then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. This coating yields a tough, almost unscratchable surface that is extremely long lasting. This coating adds durability to postcards and business cards as well as provides an ultra-high gloss. The colors on the paper stock appear richer and brighter – all the better to make your message pop!

UV coating is a premium option that CreateDC customers can request when placing their orders for color business cards and postcards. The UV coating is applied to the front side of card print jobs.

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