Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Emails

Actors should absolutely be using email for their career. While social media marketing is highly effective, it’s not always seen by the entire audience you’ve gathered. Email is more direct. People rarely change their address and are always checking their inbox.

That being said, I’m not really a fan of actor email newsletters! They’re hard to do well. Consider the offline snail-mail equivalent. Would you be more likely to open/read/accept an invitation that was a mass-printed brochure or a personal hand-written note?

It’s subjective, but I think the personal hand-written note will always win. For personal brands such as actors, I believe that personal emails are always going to be better than personalized email marketing!

While it saves you time to send out one mass message, it reads as marketing to the hundreds or thousands who receive it. Many people don’t even open email newsletters! They may send them to junk or trash right away.

Today, I want to campaign that you (re)consider how you’re using email for your career. If email marketing/newsletters are working for you (as in getting responses from the VIPs on your list and/or creating offline results), keep on doing what you’re doing. Otherwise, I’d like to propose three alternatives to the actor email newsletter.

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Website Email Address
Your email address is a part of your brand. Having email set up at your domain helps remind people of the website you’ve spent so much time and money creating. They’re more likely to visit your .com after seeing repeated impressions. You (or your website designer) can often set up email through your domain registrar—GoDaddy, NameCheap, Network Solutions, etc.

Hyperlinked Email Signature
“Sent from my iPhone” is a lost opportunity. If you’re investing time, money, and energy into your website and social media presence…invite people there! Set yourself up with a simple and professional email signature that serves as a constant invitation to connect with you further. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can literally just be your website address.

Email Attachments
Collecting VIPs’ email and sending periodic messages should definitely be a part of your marketing plan. However, I believe in context over consistency. Rather than sending out an email newsletter, what if you sent an attachment from your personal email with the details of whatever it is you’re promoting?

You don’t have to use an attachment, but I’m trying to save you time and money! For example, perhaps you’ve invested in having postcards or posters designed to promote your latest appearance? Attach the front of the postcard or your poster to a personal and direct email! While it still reads as marketing, it’s not as aggressive as sending a newsletter. You remain my friend who clearly wants me to know about something and share a moment with you. With an attachment, you’re making it easy for me to know what’s going on because you’re also showing me, not just telling me.

If you want (or need) to save time, create an email template that you copy, paste, and personalize for each recipient. Alternatively, send a very personalized group message and list all of your contacts in the BCC field.

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If you’re going to use email marketing (such as MailChimp), my advice is to hire a professional to design your sign up forms, confirmation sequence, and campaign templates. This is very much like hiring a professional to do your hair, photos, or website. Once everything is set up, you should be able to take their work and “run with it.”

Design is important. It’s truly the first impression. Design isn’t just about making things pretty (although attraction is important). It’s about making things easy to understand and use!

Hopefully this blog helped take away some of the stress of email marketing. Keep it simple and sexy!

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